Project: building a DIY floor hatch

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I had a rough idea in my head of how it might work but a quick Google later I found this post on how to build a floor hatch. The hatch in that post led to a basement (I think) but the idea was the same: an insulated, removable piece of subfloor & floorboards!

I was fortunate my dad helped sketch out the idea for me (I did too but I’ve lost the paper & his version was much better), always helps clear out ideas!

Building a floor hatch
My dads sketch of the floor hatch idea!

Basically I would make a liftable box which contained the underfloor including the windpaper & insulation then I cut the floorboards accordingly to fit the box & just screw them down to make them easy to get up, simple! And unlike most things in this house this actually was simple & went to plan!

Step 1: Take out the existing underfloor boards & screw them together.

Floor hatch
Step 2: Next I built boxing around the 2 underfloor boards

Building a floor hatch
Step 3: I checked the box actually would fit in the hole

Building a floor hatch
Step 4: I added windpaper to the floor hatch box & then taped around the overlaps

Building a floor hatch
Step 5: Added insulation to the box, put it in place & then attached some wire handles to be able to pull it out with

Building a floor hatch
Step 6: Cut & place the floor boards over the box, done, a floor hatch!!

So that’s it, a pretty simple floor hatch and here’s how it looked once the floor was back down:

Building a floor hatch
The final floor (ish) with the floor hatch

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