DIY old house renovation renovating an old timber house from 1800s in Northern Sweden

How to choose a budget nail gun

Budget nail guns

To nail gun or not to nail gun that is the question (in many DIYers minds)! And I’ve been there during our renovation over the last 4 years. When I started out with renovation & DIY budget was a big…

Hello renovation world!

You can’t start a blog without a good ol’ introduction so here’s our “Hello (renovation) world!” introduction post. So let me tell you a bit about this blog & the renovation as a whole!!

Renovation update: March 2024

It’s been rather silent on this blog for awhile (years) and we’ve even ended up with a new domain name (.co instead of .com) due to my bank declining the renewal and me not checking emails but A LOT as…

Raw linseed oil, a DIYers natural best friend!

Raw linseed oil

What is linseed oil? Linseed a colourless to yellowish oil obtained from the dried flex seeds, it’s often referred as flaxseed or flax oil. It’s similar to cooking oils in consistency but thicker with a slight pure smell. Once it…

Inspiration: outdoor gym ideas

Outdoor home gym
We are an active family with 3 high energy kids and 2 parents would love to train without being "gym rats". We also love to be outside so one of the many things we want to build outside is an outdoor gym! In this post I've collected some of my favourite outdoor gym ideas to share.

Project: how to install insulation

How to install insulation in walls & floors
We might be first DIYers working on our first ever old house renovation so writing a "how to install insulation" post might seem like it's best for a professional experienced builder to write. However, this renovation has been a hard, sometimes brutal and fast learning curve, with plenty of trial & error so we've learnt a lot in a very short space of time.

May 2021: Old house renovation update

Old house renovation: moving out
Spring has finally arrived here in Northern Sweden despite a very chilly April and as always a lot has been happening with our old house renovation project and in life in general so here's our May 2021 renovation update.